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Returns / Refunds

Getting Your Money Back or a Replacement

If you get something from The Gear Stand and it looks wrong or bad, take a picture and email it to us at You can choose to get your money back or we can send you a new item.

Changing Your Order

Once you order something, you can't change it by yourself. But, if you tell us in 24 hours, we can help you change the size, color, or design. After 24 hours, we can't change it because we start making it. But, we can still change where we send it to before it's ready (this takes about 3 to 5 days).

When Can I Ask For a New Item?

If you get something and it's not right, you have 14 days to tell us. We can't give you the money for shipping back, though.

We check everything before we send it, but sometimes mistakes happen. If your item is bad, looks wrong, or isn't what you saw on our website, we'll send you a new one.

But remember, if you choose a size and it doesn't fit, we can't change it. Look at our size chart on each item's page before you order.

Wrong or Bad Items

If something looks bad, is broken, or isn't what you asked for, we'll send you a new one for free. Just email us with a photo and your order number.

But, if you get a size that doesn't fit, we can't help. Always check our size chart before you order.

Exchanging For Different Colors or Sizes

We make your items when you ask for them, so we don't have extra ones sitting around. That means if you choose the wrong size or color, we can't just swap it. But, always look at our size chart on each item's page before you order to avoid any sizing problems. If you accidentally order the wrong thing, tell us. We'll help you get what you need for a much lower price and make it right.